LOCAL boy Owen Howkins and his dog Haatchi are the stars of a forthcoming book.

Owen, who is known to his family as Little B for 'little buddy', suffers from the rare genetic condition Schwartz-Jampel syndrome which causes his muscles to be permanently tense. Anatolian Shepherd Haatchi is the devoted family dog.   

Haatchi and Little B, which will be released on February 13 by Transworld Digital, tells the amazing story of how the pair found each other.  

As a puppy, Haatchi was tied to a railway line in London and was hit by a train, only to be found days later. By the time he was taken to a vet’s surgery, nothing could be done to save his back leg and tail and both had to be amputated.

Colleen Drummond, the partner of Owen’s dad Will Howkins, spotted Haatchi on a Facebook appeal and moved him into the family home just six weeks after the incident.

This is the inspiring story of the pair’s subsequent bond, a bond which has touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Wendy Holden, also known as Taylor Holden, is an experienced author and novelist with more than twenty five books already published, including a novel. She has had numerous works transferred to radio and television.

Find out more online at wendyholden.com.

*Owen and Haatchi, joined by Wendy, will appear at a book signing in Basingstoke’s Waterstones in Festival Place on February 15 at 12.30pm.

Haatchi will be signing books via a paw-shaped stamp. Waterstones can also send books out to people who can't make it. Call 01256 460646 to find out more.