SCOOP the Poop: ‘Thought we’d share a little ode/About unwanted droppings in the road/To love our dogs as much as we do/Comes hand in hand with picking up poo!/It’s such a simple little task/To pick it up is all we ask/If each one of us does the same/There’ll be no need to name and shame/Come on my friends – yes, you can guess/Let’s keep our village free from mess!’ Many thanks to Judy, Ann and Madeline for contributing this light-hearted reminder that dog fouling is once again becoming a hazard on our footpaths and parks.

Please clean up after your pooch!

TREE news: There has been a tree preservation order placed on the two old lime trees flanking the entrance to Rotherwick church.

A conservation request was submitted to ‘top’ both trees by reducing their height by 40 per cent apparently in the interests of health and safety, but as no documentation was supplied outlining specific arboreal reasons for cutting the trees back, a TPO has been put in effect until such time as the situation can be examined by professionals in more detail.