DIGESTER news: Some residents living close to the digester have reported incidents of bad odours from the vicinity of the plant during the last few weeks, particularly during the evening.

The operators have checked and report that there has been no breach within the plant, but any concerns about potential smells from the digester operation should be reported directly to the Environment Agency, as they issue the relevant permits and monitor environmental issues.

There is a 24-hour incident hotline for the environment agency as follows: 0800 80 70 60.

SATs results: Hatch Warren Juniors are celebrating success in this summer’s Year 6 SATs tests with clear improvement in all areas. Congratulations to pupils and staff.

OLD Down Walk: There will be a butterfly walk with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust on Old Down on Thursday, August 21, starting from Old Down Hall at 10.30am and finishing at 12.30pm. The walk will look at the way the site is managed to encourage butterflies and other wildlife.