To celebrate the Brownies' 100th birthday, a trip to Wincanton Racecourse had been arranged on July 5. 

We spent a year of preparation purchasing tickets, booking coaches, collecting money and getting the appropriate consent forms, making sure we had enough adults travelling with us.

We all met in Churchill Way at 8am in smart uniform, carrying packed lunches and tea plus rainwear as it was a bit overcast.

Park Division boarded the coaches and made our way out of Basingstoke on the A303 reroute to Wincanton seeing Stonehenge on the way and we were lucky to make good time. 

On arrival we were directed to our parking spaces for our coaches. Already there were a large number of coaches all from different parts of South West Region and it was only 10am. We made our way to the entrance and after we were booked in, we were each given a map showing where all the activities were going on. 

Finally we were through the entrance gate, deciding what the unit was going to do first.

This event was to celebrate the Big Brownie 100th Birthday and not only were there Brownies here but also Rainbows, Guides, Senior Section and Leaders. The area was decorated with pennants designed and made by all members on the theme of the event.

There were trampolines, various inflatables of different sizes and shapes, circus skills, balloon sculpture, hula hoops, face painting, floating ships, various crafts and street theatre. 

Cirque Bijou ran performances in the Big Top during the day including a very good special event by Gerry Cottle's Circus School at Wookey Hole, joined by Brownie volunteers. 

We came together to try out various activities before lunch.

After lunch, it was time for one Brownie Chloe Blackmore and one Leader Sue Smith to attend an event for prize winners of the pennant competition. Each received a goody bag and a certificate was presented to all winners by Solange Rebours, the South West Region’s Chief Commissioner.

Brownies went to Circus School throughout the day to make their costumes and prepare for the final parade which was at 4pm, followed by a word from our Chief Commissioner.

We reboarded our coaches for the journey home. Happy members of Basingstoke Park Division chatted or sang on the homeward journey. We got home at 7pm and everyone had enjoyed the day.

-Sue Smith, Basingstoke Park Division Guiding