FARLEIGH digester: There was a meeting recently of the Digester Liaison Panel. The operators reported that current operational use is generating around six traffic movements a day through Hatch Warren.

They are looking into the possibility of organising an open day so that interested residents can see at first-hand how the digester operation works. Further news when I have it.

SAINSBURY’S in Wallop Drive: Have chosen the Hatch Warren Community Association as their local charity of the year.

This is great news for the centre and the local community. It looks as if they will help to sponsor the fireworks extravaganza in November, which can only augment what is already one of the best shows in town.

SAFETY concerns: There was an accident outside Hatch Warren Infant School last week, in which, thankfully, the child involved was not badly hurt. The school has been pressing for safety measures in Gershwin Road for some time and I have been in contact with Hampshire County Council on this.