THE Dirty Bullet Band: Will be playing live at The Fox today. The music will start at 9pm and booking is not necessary unless you would like to reserve a table for dinner before the music starts.

TONY Corbin visits Jolly Olly’s: This also takes place today. There may still be time to book your place for this event with the local author.

Refreshments will be on sale during the evening.

SCOUTS’ hand car wash: Turn up between 10am and 4pm, on Saturday, to have a hand car wash for £5 with free tea or coffee.

You can either just turn up and wait your turn, or call 782139 to book your slot in advance.

OAKLEY Afternoon WI: Will be meeting on Monday, at 1.45pm, at St Leonard’s Centre. The talk this month is ‘A knitting history from 1800 to the present day’ with speaker Joyce Meader. New members will be warmly welcomed.

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