BASINGSTOKE Festival: There are more local things to enjoy over the last weekend of the Basingstoke Festival, which includes Basingstoke Live on Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm in the War Memorial Park, and street theatre in Festival Place, also both days, from noon to 3pm.

“PIT Stop”: Is a group for school Years 7-11, which runs at the Wessex Christian Fellowship, in Wessex Close, Kings Furlong.

It runs on Fridays, from 2.50pm to 4.30pm on a drop-in basis, with a tuck shop, space to relax, sit or chat and free games including pool, table tennis and Xbox.

DOORSTEP callers: There’s been a recent report of excessive charging by a doorstep caller in the area. Please remember police advice not to open your door before you’ve checked who it is and to double check company callers’ identity.

The police’s “Nominated Neighbour Scheme” enables participants to seek the help of a neighbour, relative or friend to check unknown visitors’ ID.

For further information, contact your local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator or phone the Brookvale Safer Neighbourhoods team on 101.