ROAD closure: Longcross Lane, at its junction with Wallop Drive and the mini-roundabout to Sainsbury’s, is part of the rolling programme of road repairs currently being undertaken by Hampshire County Council. It is planned that this part of the road will be closed for one or possibly two days.

LAGER Festival: The annual Lager Festival, held at the community centre last Saturday, was a great success. More than 200 people visited, and the event raised over £900 for community activities at the centre. The event was so popular that the lager had been drunk dry by the end of the evening.

PARKING problems: Hatch Warren Junior School reports that they have again received complaints from neighbouring residents re inconsiderate parking by parents/carers at drop off and pick up times. Please take care when parking nearby to ensure that you are not blocking driveways.

SUMMER fun day: At St Mark’s School on Saturday, July 5.