CONGRATULATIONS: To pupils at Kings Furlong Infant and Junior Schools, who collected the fantastic total of 457 Easter eggs for the Variety Club at their recent “non-uniform” day. Truly an “eggscellent” result!

BCoT Nursery: Congratulations also to our local BCoT Nursery, which has recently been rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted.

The report describes staff as “fun-loving and enterprising”, and management as “inspirational and highly effective.”

REPORTING back from the Brookvale and Kings Furlong Neighbourhood Police Beat Surgery: Our local police community safety officer reported on crime statistics for the past month.

The general level of crime is low, but residents are still urged to be vigilant and report any incidents they witness. Burglaries are the rarest offence of all those reported, but they can be devastating for those affected.

Prevention advice includes shutting and locking windows and side gates, leaving keys out of sight and reach, and leaving lights on so that your home looks occupied if you go out for the evening.