BASINGSTOKE Civil Service Retirement Fellowship: Their most recent meeting, at Brookvale Village Hall, had its guest speaker in full Yeoman uniform – just one of regular meetings on the first Wednesday of each month from 10am to noon.

The most recent addition to the fellowship’s accompanying programme of trips out is a visit to Wakehurst Place and Gardens on Monday, July 21.

This year, the Fellowship is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation nationally with a special Golden Appeal, and Buttercup Badges for this are available to buy through the local branch.

The group’s next regular meeting is at the hall on Wednesday, May 7, and will feature a talk by Lynne Caine about BASICS Hampshire.

BASICS’ team of volunteers are highly trained critical care doctors who provide immediate care by car or air ambulance even before critically ill or injured people reach hospital.

Lynne featured in the New Year Honours list with the award of the British Empire Medal for over 30 years’ fundraising for this local charity. One not to be missed!