PRAY silence: The Cross and the Nail, a meditation for Good Friday in words and music, will once again be taking place at Mattingley Church tomorrow at 2pm, based on the writings of the Bishop of Chelmsford and adapted by Tony and Wendy Heath.

The service is led by our own Reverend Peter Hewlett-Smith, with Rosie Mandry, Martin Rudd, Tim Maynes, Stephen Davies, Richard Joyce, Andrew Soundy and Amanda Palmer, lasting about one hour. Please be seated by 1.55pm to allow a period of reflection.

ALLEUIA: The Easter Sunday service at Rotherwick church will be held at Evensong, starting at 6.30pm. There is also an early Eucharist celebration at Mattingley church at 8.30am, with the main Parish Communion taking place at Heckfield church at 10.30am.

There will be no Sunday school or crèche at this service, but quite possibly chocolate eggs for the youngsters – hint: bring wet wipes! Look for flowers on the altars given in memory of those ‘angel faces ...which (we) have loved long since, and lost awhile’.