EVERGREENS: May says: “Our April meeting was an enjoyable talk by David Ogborn about his involvement in the formation and conducting of choirs. The next meeting is our birthday party and is on Monday, May 12.”

EASTER Services: Easter Sunday at St Leonard’s, family communion at 10am. Take along a flower to decorate the lenten tree. Breach Lane Chapel, also on Sunday, family worship led by Neil Owen plus Holy Communion at 10.30am.

NWR: Gill says: “What did you do in the war Mummy?’ was the title of our April meeting. Although primarily an investigation into what women did in the First World War, we also talked about our parents’ generation in the Second World War.

“Some were in the forces, in protected occupations or worked as volunteers, whilst others were too young to be involved, but remembered living through it.

“We listened to talks on women in male occupations, munitions workers, women in medical jobs and women who worked on the land.”