DIGESTER liaison committee: The local liaison panel for the anaerobic digester was due to meet earlier this week to discuss current operations and any concerns raised by local residents.

I will report next week on any points of interest that come up.

TRAVELLERS: At the time of writing, local residents were expressing concern about a return of travellers to the area alongside St Mark’s Primary School, in Danebury Road.

The police and borough council officers were alerted immediately.

NEW class: A new type of fitness class for the community centre will begin in May. Burlex dance fitness classes will run every week from May 6. A free trial session will be held in May.

BEGGARWOOD Lane: A new SLR speeding monitor is to be installed at Beggarwood Lane in the new financial year to monitor traffic speeds. This is a direct response to concerns I have received from residents on speeding vehicles through this residential road.