CORRECTION: Just to clarify, it’s the Buckskin Evangelical Church, and not a spiritualist church as I wrote a few weeks ago, that ran the ‘soup kitchen’ – sorry about my mistake.

COUNCIL tax: Those affected by the floods have been promised a refund and cancellation, but you may find that this is not the case.

Myself, along with many others in the private sector, have found their monthly bill is higher.

This is because we don’t get the rebate – the property does, so while we have the amnesty at our home, where we are renting, the tax will still have to be paid and sometimes (as in my case) it is higher than our own place.

If you find this is happening to you, I suggest you contact the council on 01256 844844 and/or your ward councillor.

SUSPICIOUS pair: A couple in a blue van have been raiding skips and taking fridges etc from outside properties.

They claim to be working for the council – but since they refuse to show proof of identity, I doubt they do.

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