JUMBLE Sale: Oakley Bowling Club is holding a jumble sale at East Oakley Village Hall on Saturday, at 2pm, where there will be a tombola, raffle and teas. Donations of jumble in the morning will be gratefully received.

HALF-TERM fun: We have an indoor activity being held at The Fox on Thursday, February 20. Creation Station will run a drop-in craft session, £5.50 per child and £3.50 for siblings.

QUIZ time: It’s time for Jolly Olly’s quiz at 7.30pm on Friday, February 21, please pop in to book your table for four.

LOSS of Jazz 8 bus: Residents and parents are increasingly concerned about the reduction in bus service from Oakley to Basingstoke, impacting on journey times and children potentially arriving late to school. Please raise your concerns directly with Stagecoach or email Oakley Community Association.

CONTACT me: Send a message to ocaoakley@live.co.uk or call the number above.