PARISH council: At the January meeting, Sandy Johnston reported the ongoing jobs in the playground that need to be done. These will be completed when weather allows. It was noted that the fence on the green (damaged by a car) had been repaired. Consideration of the employment of a youth worker was deferred as the full proposal will not be available until next month. Correspondence received from residents regarding flooding was discussed, and how best to deal with it.

Reports were received from the representative from Sherfield Park, the planning committee, the leisure committee, and the village hall committee, who confirmed tickets for the barn dance were selling well. John Darker updated everyone on the Neighbourhood Plan, and reported there was to be an open morning on February 8. More information will be available online and in the Loddon Link.

BARN Dance: Is now sold out.

GARDENING Club: John says: “We had 43 members at our January meeting, which was a superb talk and slideshow by the very entertaining Carol Watson, who is a photographer of wild flowers.”