SENIOR Citizens Party: Joe Croombes, chairman of the carnival committee, extends a warm invitation to all parish seniors to attend on Saturday, February 15, for the annual party. Fun, food and frolics! Please complete the form in this month’s Basinga and return by January 31.

OLD Basing WI: It’s the group’s 95th birthday on March 4, so if you are thinking about joining up, take a peek at the website on and click on Old Basing in the list.

“BRITONS, Romans and the English”: David Whiter will be giving members and Friends of Basing House the inside information at 7.30pm in the Education Centre at Basing House on Tuesday. Andrew Howard, on 327014, can tell you more.

ARTY and Crafty? Pop along to the RBL Hall, in Crown Lane, on a Monday, from 2pm-4pm, for a pleasant time with like-minded people.

A TASTE of Epiphany: Tea and Epiphany cakes and a short taizestyle service this Sunday will be held at 4pm in the Parish Room. All are very welcome.