Happy New Year to all living in Ellisfield and Farleigh, and to everyone who reads this piece each week. Do please keep me informed about anything newsworthy connected with our villages.

ROLL of honour: With Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us, it’s a time to look ahead, perhaps with positive resolutions and good intentions, and, as The Queen said in her Christmas message, to remember the importance of family, friendship and community.

So thanks go to all those in our communities who work hard, often unrecognised, sitting on committees that are the life-blood of our community, a seemingly endless list of acronyms; volunteers giving their time to ensure the smooth working of churches, parish council, village associations, volunteer group, ladies club, neighbourhood watch, horticultural society etc, and not least, Ellisfield’s new Memorial Hall Committee responsible for the structure of the building and community entertainment events. Finally, thanks to Paul Turner who has brought new life to the village website.