NEED a Basingstoke on Wednesdays?: Try the Parishes 333 Carshare Scheme, which enables rural villagers to book a taxi at subsidised rates for pick up from your home address to either Basingstoke town centre or Basingstoke hospital.

You must register for the service and rides must be pre-booked by 4pm the day before.

The service operates Wednesdays from Rotherwick at 0905, leaving Basingstoke for Rotherwick at 12.25pm, for a single fare of £2.75 or return £4.80. Ring Hampshire County Council on 01962 846786 for the free membership pack.

THE Brownies are back!: First Rotherwick Brownies will be opening again in September, meeting on Wednesdays, in the village hall from 5.45pm to 6.45pm, just in time to celebrate The Big Brownie Birthday – 100 years old next year!

Memories of yellow-and-brown crocodiles of little girls with clipboards up The Street, village hall sleepovers and twilight woodland walks with torches come flooding back. For more information, and to register, contact Caroline Brown, Sophie Wort and Katie Varney by emailing