A WORLD leader in feminine hygiene products based in Basingstoke has teamed up with comedienne Jenny Eclair to support a gynaecological cancer charity.

Vectair Systems, based at the Trident Centre, in Armstrong Road, Basingstoke, aims to raise awareness and funds for The Eve Appeal gynaecological cancer research charity, through the launch of its Femcare MVP range of feminine hygiene units.

The company is also set to donate thousands of pounds to the charity by promising it 50p for every Femcare MVP sanitary bin sold in the UK.

Vectair Systems managing director Paul Wonnacott, said: “As a feminine hygiene provider, we feel very strongly about supporting The Eve Appeal in its quest to raise funds for gynaecological cancer research.

“We view our Femcare MVP range as the sanitary bin of the future – a future where we hope to see gynaecological cancer survival rates improved.

“In today’s world, people want to know their purchasing decisions are having a positive effect on others.

“For the women who will be using our sanitary bins, each time they see The Eve Appeal logo they will be reminded of the importance of knowing the symptoms of gynaecological cancers.

“In this way, we can hopefully improve early detection rates and spread the word.”

Jenny Eclair, who is one of The Eve Appeal’s celebrity supporters, said: “This is such a brilliant idea for a partnership.

“I know that awareness of gynaecological cancers is really low because people are too embarrassed to discuss possible symptoms.

“A little nudge by spotting one of these The Eve Appeal stickers while in a private washroom really should make a difference – raising awareness and funds for research at the same time – great synergy.”

In the UK, 50 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer every day, and 20 die.

Since its public launch in 2005, The Eve Appeal has donated £5million to pioneering world-class research carried out at the Department of Women’s Cancer, Institute for Women’s Health at University College London (UCL).