CLOSE to 700 entrepreneurs attended an A&E business clinic at The Hampshire Court Hotel.

Travelling from all over the country, the business peoplke were there to glean some top business health tips from one of the country’s leading business gurus, Nigel Botterill.

Nigel heads a membership organisation called the Entre-preneur’s Circle, and it’s clearly got a lot of support.

Delighted with the turnout for the day, billed as Doc Nige’s A&E, he said: “I think it’s fantastic because these are all business owners and they are all taking time out – that’s quite a big deal for them.”

Nigel hosts events all over the country with different themes.

“That helps keeps them interesting,” said the charis-matic entrepreneur. “Today, our theme is Doc Nige’s A&E. And so what we have got today is if you are going to casualty at Basing-stoke hospital, they triage you and they track your five vital signs – things like your pulse and blood pressure.

“And what we have come up with is the 12 vital signs for business. Some are fairly obvious and some are less so.”

Among the vital signs he asked was: is the business right for you?

“Some businesses can’t get the business owner to where he wants to be,” he explained. “Knowing your numbers is another. That may seem obvious, but it’s something where a lot of people fall down.”

Nigel also said that other vital signs include looking to see if you are in the right market and looking at your marketing.

“A lot of people are very ad hoc with their marketing system – they are often not very well-thought through.”